Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | Logan Gibson

We were back to work today at the church. Of course, my first job of the day was sifting! Lori and I sifted until VBS. We came up with a few really great sifting songs which I hope make the video! Johnny, one of our translators, led our lesson and songs for VBS. He did an amazing job and kept all the children’s attention the entire time with his enthusiasm. Part of the lesson involved the children reciting the daily memory verse. Today’s verse was printed on 5 separate sheets. Johnny started by having the children read the verse from the sheets, and then he removed one sheet at a time until they were reciting the entire verse from memory. It was amazing that after only reading it a couple times almost all the kids had memorized the entire verse…and had so much joy and excitement while doing it! Lori and I ran crafts today, and the kids made doorknockers which said that Jesus loves them. After each child finished his/her craft, we went around and said Jesus loves and said their name which the kids all enjoyed. At the end of VBS, Johnny closed out by reviewing the lesson and giving an invitation. Four young boys stayed after to pray. It was so beautiful watching Johnny lead them to Christ. I bet you will never believe who was crying! To make it an even more amazing day, another boy came up a few minutes later and also accepted Christ! PTL! During the afternoon, we started painting the outside of the church. We painted the rocks white and the rest of it a peach color. Almost every child at VBS painted with us which was such a blessing! I wasn’t sure about the color choice at first, but when we were pulling out to head home, it looked so beautiful! Even though we have all complained at some point about the long ride to the church, it is probably one of my favorite times of the day now. When kids hear our truck coming, they all come to the road, wave, and smile which makes us smile of course! ☺ Tonight we had rice for dinner which I loved! I also had a Sprite. It tasted really good, but I cannot wait to get a Diet Coke when we get back to the states! Tomorrow is our last day of work and last day of VBS. Please pray that we all stay healthy, are able to complete all of our jobs, and that we have a great turn out for VBS! Can’t wait to see everyone in a couple of days! Love ya Mom, Dad, Libby, Laura, Tiera, and Bethany! And, everyone loves all your comments Mom. Thanks for taking time to read all our blogs and write to us!! Logan


  1. Logan, glad to hear you are learning, working, seeing, feeling, and having a wonderful time. I know that all of you realize that you have just went back in time, as in a time capsule. As I watch through the camera's lens some of the things you are experiencing are things your mom and I lived in the fifties and sixties. Walking everywhere as a child was the norm. Walking up mountains, down valleys and across rivers became daily activities, maybe not for your mom. Exploring a little water falls was fascinating, and catching salamanders under the falls was entertaining, to say the least. We grew most of everything we ate as they are in the villages you have encountered. We also had a spring we carried water from so mom could wash cloths and we could warm the water on a coal stove for a bath when the weather was to cold to swim in the river. Even though we had very little of what the world called prosperity, we enjoyed every day as evident in the kids there. We love you and pray for the mission trip every day. dad

  2. Logan, I was so glad that your dad finally left a comment this morning. I arose with my head, arms, and hands aching from stripping wallpaper, but reading your blog took my mind off that immediately. Thanks for the detailed account of your day; I was so blessed as I read it. And I know Karen Tolley is blessed to hear about VBS and the crafts. Praise the Lord for the souls saved. I envisioned those kids responding to the arrival of the truck! What a blessing that must be for all of you! Praying for another soul-changing day at VBS. Love, Mom