Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 9 | Marcy Skeens

Videos and pictures do not do Haiti justice! So beautiful, but a tough countryside. Didn’t ride in the truck on the way to the church, but did on the way back. What an experience to say the least! That truck went in places I never dreamed possible! We worked at the church today and one of the Haitian workers looked at me and said I need you to help me. He wanted me to help take a 2 by 4 and work with him to level the floor. I looked around thinking surely he doesn’t mean me, because I am one of the most uncoordinated women alive! I figured I would try and either do a decent job or be fired from the task. Much to my surprise – I did it! With a lot of instruction, but I did it! We had time to interact with the children today. They are beautiful, lively, helpful, and very intelligent. One little girl, Linda, reminded me of Faith! She was older than her, but the personalities were similar! Riley had time to play with the children as well and it was so sweet to watch her with them. Such a precious sight! I am so very proud of her! Pray for Saturday as we will be at the house site and I hear it is hot, hot, hot!

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  1. Dear Marcy, your blog came to life as I watched the Day 9 video this evening! I praise the Lord for your servant's heart. I'm so proud of your being able to do that floor leveling; you represented our gender very well. What a blessing it is to see you, Riley, and Mickey all serving together there in Haiti. You are all in my prayers. Much love.