Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 14 | Marcy Skeens

I can’t believe our time here has come to an end. This morning we all attended the house dedication. It was a very moving experience as the home owner gave each of us a certificate of appreciation. I’m not sure how he was able to do this, but we all began to tear up and cry as he passed them out. Afterwards, many of the youth were able to meet the child they are sponsoring. Unfortunately, our little girl did not come today. Riley was so disappointed as were we. She was so hoping to meet and spend time with her. I pray she is safe, and that she will receive the mail we send and that she will grow and prosper. Lord willing we can return in two years to meet her. Afterwards, we went to Mountain Maid, a restaurant, then to try our hand at bartering. Logan M. thought I was going to give in to the price, but I stayed firm. I must say the bartering wasn’t difficult, however, just saying no all the time and not being able to purchase something from each vendor was difficult. Much has been revealed during my time in Haiti. I realize that I haven’t made God the priority he needs to be, and major changes must be made at home. If I constantly stay in my comfort zone then what good am I to God or others? None. Those, in Haiti, that know God hold to His word because His promises are all they have. Then why don’t I do the same? Self-centeredness. The opportunity to serve is everywhere and no act is too small. So as I return, I pray that I will not return to my old ways, but let God lead and direct my path. I am thankful he gives us more chances than we deserve. I love you Faith and can’t wait to get home to you! Please pray for safe travel. The journey home will be long but seeing our families will be well worth it. Love to everyone!

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