Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 1 | Jerri Oney

Okay - end of day #1! Feeling kind of numb but tomorrow will be a new day. The flight went quick - the stop half way in the Bahamas is a nice breakup. Didn’t get airsick!! Yea!! The 2 hour trip up the 11 mile mountain was once again fascinating, pitiful, amazing, sad, long, hot and never without something to look at. It’s amazing you can see the worst of the worst in poverty and occasionally see a mercedes drive by. We always feel fortunate to not be in an accident as the traffic is out of control!! It was so good to see Roger at the airport - he’s just like your family doctor when you’re sick. Mary Lou was in the kitchen again when we got here and it smelled divine! I’m worried about the coffee situation in the morning, but I think we found a pot that will work early since we don’t have electricity till 8:00 - too late for my first cup!! Headed out to begin building a house in the morning - looking forward to getting started. Have some new faces here to get to know this week. Blessed my family is here with me.

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