Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 1 | Servando Arredondo

Hello everyone! today was pretty awesome!! The second flight from the Bahamas was the close to being the best part. During the second flight, I was able to sit in the cockpit with the pilots for take-off and for the first half hour of the flight. The pilot were some pretty cool dudes. They were cool enough that i shared a cosmic brownie with one of them while we were flying. The arrival in Haiti was more than anything I was expecting. The airport didn’t seem too bad at first, but once we left baggage claim the place lit up. There were people EVERYWHERE. They were all ready and willing to help, but apparently they just wanted our money. The drive the compound was interesting… I couldn't believe how high we were going, it seemed like it would never end. Once we got to the compound we unpacked all of our stuff and brought to the rooms. Finally after getting the rooms set up we were able to walk around the compound for a little while. The first native I spoke with was named Footoo (I’m probably butchering the spelling but that’s how it sounded). We started to talk a little bit (his english was very broken, but then again whose is perfect…), he said something about soccer and that got my attention. For the next half hour or so he and I kicked the ball around at the park. He suggested playing a game so we did! We played a three v three game which lasted about an hour or two maybe, all I know is that by the end I knew I was out of shape. Next was dinner! That may have been some of the best shepherd’s pie I have ever eaten. The vegetables were amazing, even better once I found out that they were freshly grown by our hosts. That’s all I can think of for now so goodnight.

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