Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 3 | Jack Friend

Things are going well here in Haiti. One of our projects is a church. It’s about 15 miles across the mountain. The elevation here where we’re is at 4300 ft. And I’d say it’s another 2000 to 2500 ft. to the low gap we cross over. It took us 1 ½ hrs. to get there. The other project is building a house which is actually here in the city. The family lost their home due to a fire. We have moved along well on both. Should be completed by Wednesday. Hard work but rewarding. God has opened my eyes to many things in the short time I’ve been here. We had VBS starting today will last three days. It was at the church we’re working on. Had over 100 kids to show up. Now this church is on the side of a mountain. Where all these kids come from only God knows. But these people will walk 4 to 5 miles to attend church. God is alive in Haiti.

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