Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 4 | Allie Ramsey

Today was our slower day. We started out today by attending church here on the compound at 6:30am and it lasted until about 9am. It was truly amazing to see so many Haitians in one place worshipping the same God that I worship. Although there was a language barrier, you could truly see that they loved the Lord! There were many more people there than the last time we were here, and it’s great to see their church growing. We had a translator that sat with us to interrupt the message, and the pastor shared about restoration and the three steps that we all must have to be restored. Later in the afternoon, I got to sit down at the playground that we built 2 years ago and just watch kids play. It really brings joy to me to see them having so much fun! When we were here last time, I got the privilege to bring a slide that I played on as a kid to Haiti for them to play on. I wrote a bible verse down the slide and today a father pointed to each word on the slide and read it to his son. This proves that each thing that we do here in Haiti really is important and makes a difference in some way in their life. I can’t wait to see what the next few days have in store!

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