Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 4 | Bill Morlan

Today was the easy day, church and relaxation. I’m sure the kids have already told it started at 6:30am and lasted till 9am. After that, there was noting til dinner at 5. So I spent my day sitting at the playground watching the kids play on the ark. It was great watching the kids play on it. Still to this day, parents are teaching their kids how to use the slides, swings and climbing ropes. Lloyd and I did have to repair part of the ark. One of the ropes on the swinging bridge had worn into, so we went and fixed it. Shane came by just in time to give us a hand. Tomorrow will be a hard day for everyone as the work will get more intense. We have to stucco the house, inside and out and the carpenters will come and put on the roof, doors and windows. We will be worn out after doing stucco for 8 hours. For all you parents out there reading this, if any, you can be real proud of your children. They have worked so very hard and have had great attitudes. It has been awesome to see how God is using them this week. You would be amazed of how they have reacted to the people here and how hard they have worked. Its hard to believe that we are on the final leg of the projects and before we know it, it will be time for this group to go home and the next one to come. Well, its time for this guy to go to bed so I will write again tomorrow. Love ya Bron, boys and my girls.

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