Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 5 | Eric Campbell

Today I went to the church site again. We had 7 children accept Christ as their Savior today. What a blessing... To see 112 kids or so show up for VBS, knowing that some of them have walked for an hour plus to be there is humbling. They have a very simple life and they are completely content and happy. You rarely see a child without a smile on their face. Internet access on this mission trip has been the best yet in Haiti and I hope that you are enjoying a little more interactive mission trip with us by following on Periscope and Twitter. Tomorrow morning we will try to Periscope the dump truck ride to the church site. At some point we will lose cell phone service so you won't be able to watch the entire 90 minute journey live but hopefully you can appreciate the experience of riding in the back of the dump truck. Becka I love you and miss you and the boys. Sam thanks for helping Becka take care of the twins.


  1. You are doing such a great job providing videos for us back home. We love watching and I show the boys! We miss you tons! I love you!

  2. Eric...u hav way over-did urself this trip! I wonder when u hav time to rest? Its wonderful all the different avenues available to help us at home feel as if we are right there with u. Keep up the good work and hope theres enuf drugs still available for crew #2! In my eyes u are the MVP on the trip. Thank you. Treys momma