Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 5 | Jerri Oney

We had a busy day – sifted lots of sand! And just when we thought we had it all sifted………they brought a whole truckload more!! We thought/hoped it would be pre-sifted, but it wasn’t. So there will be more sifting tomorrow. No one in this group should leave here with love handles…they should be all gone! Still playing doctor because lots of us are sick – think maybe we’re not using enough hand sanitizer. I can’t wait to just wash my hands with real soap and water. I got to hold the little 3 month old baby for a long time today. She was precious and her name is Carolyn. Her dad just handed her to me. We gave a soccer ball to Wesley and he was so happy! The house is almost finished. It has 2 rooms, 2 windows and 2 doors. We create so much chaos in our lives. We SO much need to simplify our lives as much as we can. We just simply overdo it. I pray God really works on my heart to soften it and humble it. Had a great time with our interpreter again; He is passionate about the Lord and his Bible. He learned a new word today – ‘SLOBBER”. He was so excited to learn a new word! It was a good day.

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