Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 5 | Mickey Skeens

Today I got to go to the house work site. Dr. Jerry didn’t want me to be far from her in case my kidney stone started to move. I was very tired today and had no energy but was determined to fight through it. We sifted sand until we ran out of gravel, and found out we are 3-4 barrels short on sand. I was then asked by the Haitian workers to help mix the motor for the finish, what a workout it was, my arms have never hurt so badly. Tomorrow we will finish the house and then get to have the house dedication on Wednesday. Also today a few of us committed the cardinal sin and got to hold a 3 month old baby. The mother of the baby was responsible for cooking food for the Haitian workers and needed someone to watch her, while holding her, her 4 year old sister was jealous because she wanted to sit with me. They both were very beautiful. Near the end of the day we got a call that I had to go to the hospital if I wanted any medication. So this was a first for me going to a doctor in a 3rd world country. Went very smooth, walked in to the hospital and down the hall to the doctor’s office, knocked on the door and went right in. He spoke decent English and asked me a few questions. He wrote the prescriptions that Jerry has suggested and I was on my way. Walked out of the hospital and then across the street to the pharmacy. Took about 5 minutes to fill them and I was on my way. Looking forward to finishing the house tomorrow and really looking forward to seeing Marcy and Riley on Thursday, keep us in your prayers as this week comes to an end.

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  1. So happy we'll be seeing you too-if we ever get finished packing! We definitely don't have your speed! Love you bunches!