Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 6 | Mickey Skeens

Today was a great day. Felt much better today, we were able to finish the house and we will get to have a dedication service tomorrow. The best part of the day was getting to sit and play with the kids, we had 10 little children that came to our house site and stayed with us the entire day. I believe they have never seen bubbles before, once they got the hand of it they never quit. Then the hardest part of the day was when it came time for lunch. It was to the point that I did not want to even eat. As we passed out our lunches they just sat there and looked at us, and what made it worse was knowing that I could not give them anything, not even something as small as a piece of candy. I was thankful for Miranda because she grabbed a few bottles of bubbles and they started playing with them and it took the attention off of us and we were able to eat without them starring at us. Hard to believe the first week is over. Sad to see this group leave, but looking forward to spending the next week with Marcy and Riley

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  1. I don't know how I'll handle that! How many children can we bring home? Riley is nervous but excited too! That makes two of us! Love you! See you soon!