Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 6 | Trey Jack

Today was VBS and Preston and I were over games. We played duck duck goose (knanna knanna coose) with the kids. One little boy was going around the circle and wham smacks this other boy and before he could get up and run the other boy was half way around the circle. The this one little girl, she got pick every other turn and she came around the conner and face planted. She got right back up and keep going. On the way home, i was on Big Red and it was so cool to drive through clouds. It looked like mist but we were so high up you could see the everything below but not in front of you. Ready to bargain tomorrow!!


  1. Sounds like u went out with a bang! Job well done. More than proud of u & the crew. Dad is gearing up to bring group #2 down and u guys back. Good luck bartering & remember they dont give change. Love ya! Yo momma

  2. I told your mom if I ever need a sitter I am calling you! I am so glad you had a great day. Help Preston at the market, he struggles with bartering! You guys have a great time. You were greatly missed, but we are so thankful you got to serve God in this incredible way! Be safe! Love and Prayers Preston's mom!