Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7 | Trey Jack

Well today was the last day and I cant believe it! It was a relaxing day. We went to the house we built and dedicated to the family. It was such a blessing seeing a family so happy to see what you contributed to! They were so happy and the wife was speechless. The new comers and a few other went to the market. It wasn't crowded at all but it showed the new ones what it would be like on a busy day. We lunch at Mountain Maid and got to badder that afternoon. I forgot how crazy it was! We start walking up the steps and they are like vaulters on fresh meat *come to my store i give you good deal.* All in all it was a great week and so many memories were made!


  1. Good job today!! Congratulations on all your dedication and love! You have planted seeds that will one day bloom into God's beautiful work. Praying for your safe return we will see you soon! Love and prayers. Preston's mom.

  2. Trey, I have read through your thoughts and the trip sounds amazing. What a wonderful way to spread God's love with others. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to allow Marisa to go as well :) I know she would love too! May God be with all of you for safe travels. Prayers Missy