Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 8 | Marcy Skeens

It is hard to believe that this morning I was in Florida and now Haiti. I must admit that the month prior to leaving I was nervous, scared, and rethinking the whole experience. It has been an adventure to say the least and far more out of my comfort zone than I have experienced in a very long time. But then again God doesn’t want us to stay there. Thankful for safety and that Mick, Riley, and I get to experience this together. Town is congested but then you look out at the mountainside and it is amazing! God truly is awesome! Looking forward to playing with the children and seeing them play on “The Ark.” I have seen pictures and heard Mickey describe it, but it’s nice to see it in person. I miss you Faith and love you bunches! Thank you Mom, Herbie, and Charlotte for taking such good care of her while we are away! Praying that God can use this out of shape body tomorrow, that I’ll be a blessing -not a hindrance, and that I survive so Mick doesn’t have to roll me over the hill to die! Love to all!

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