Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 9 | John Bonazzo

Started out driving to the work site, an hour and half drive up a dirt road in the back of a cattle type truck. The road was something like seen on the worst roads in the world TV show. The drop off on the sides was probably over a 1000 ft at times. When we began playing with the children they asked what my T shirt said. I had my State Police shirt on so I got called “Police” all day by 10-15 children. They all wanted me to act like I was arresting them so I had to fake handcuff them all over and over and over and over!!!! One of the children thought Marci Skeens was my mother, so apparently that makes Micky my father and Riley my sister. I told Marci she had to sing “soft kiddy” to me at bed time!!! Another interesting tid bit was when I asked Eric where the men used the rest room. He told me to go between two buildings near by. While I was doing my business a Bull came around the corner!!! I didn't know if I should finish or run!!! On a more serious note here in the states we watch TV shows like Survivor Man, Naked and Afraid etc. The people here in Haiti live these shows every day living off the land with nothing. We truly are blessed and don't even realize it.

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  1. Great post, brother John! Love you and Mother sends her love too!