Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 9 | Riley Skeens

I finished day 1 and I can say I am happily tired. I didn’t get to work much in the church because the work was too heavy and hard for me. So instead I played with the children. There were many children wanting to play with me, so I gladly excepted. We sang shauna-loo which means nice to meet you while they went around me and I spun. Then two little girls, Falene and Linda sat on my lap while Hollis blew bubbles.(they loved them) We played so many games I cannot even name all of them! I now want to take one home. Today was a GREAT day. Thanks for all the prayers.

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  1. I know those children loved their time with you, Riley. You were a blessing to them as they were to you. The story from your day made me smile. Love you!