Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 1 | Bill Morlan

Like everyone else, Hello from Haiti. It is hot here and for the first time in a long time, we saw the sun. It is still yellow and hot! We got down here with no problems, did run into some rain, but not bad. I will say that we made more stops on the way down than I have ever before. My truck also got jerky jacked by the other van and they stole my pepperoni rolls- no honor among hungry travelers. Haiti has changed a lot since my first visit four years ago. There are a lot of improvements and positive changes. If you were here the last trip to build the ark, you will be amazed by the airport. To beat everything else, we rode up here on a real bus! There is a lot of new faces here and most of the staff have left that were here from before. It was really cool to see the ark today and to see the kids playing on it. Walking around it brought back a lot of great memories. Tomorrow starts the new projects. One group will be going to work on a church that needs improvements and the other will start to build a house for a family that was burned out. Please keep us in your prayers. Love ya Bron, Boys and my girls.

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  1. Elizabeth said she kept your jerky safe when she rode with you. She suggests firing your current help! Lol