Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 1 | Brent Dittman

Since we didn’t blog yesterday I’ll tell you about the trip down. I don’t remember much of it I sleep the whole time except for when we stopped. We got to the hotel at about 4 o’clock went to golden corral and ate. We returned to the hotel at 8 and me, trey, survando, and preston went to the pool. We woke up and got to MFI at took off at 7am and landed in port-au-prince at 11:30am. We got to the top of the mountain at 3:30pm and we were completely unpacked at 4pm. Me, trey, survando, preston, and heath played soccer with a local and my team won 5-3. By the way Mom the food was good and I blogged more this time. Please don’t expect this every night cause I’ll be tired.

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  1. I am your mother and I will always expect your best! Tired or not, we want details and any thoughts. Love you my #1 son!