Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 | Bill Morlan

What a day! The stories from both worksites were amazing and I guess exciting. I am on the house site for the week. So today we moved around 750 cinder blocks about 80 yards through a corn field to the house site. I forgot how hard that was but the memory came back real quick. After about 2 hours of moving blocks, i decided I was tired of carrying them so a few of us started throwing them to each other. Just like the first trip 4 years ago. Four years makes a big difference in your physical ability. But we got them all moved. The house is going up quick with the back wall all done but one row and one side is almost done. The rest of the house is about 5 feet high now. We should have all the block work done by tomorrow and start the stucco. It is amazing how well both groups worked today. God gave us a great day with cloud cover and like the other group we got rained on. It stopped us twice and once we had to go and take cover because it was raining that hard. We have already made a life time of memories in just one day and I can’t wait until tomorrow, Hope I can get out of bed! I find it amazing how much body fat can hurt. Continue to pray for us and for our mission. We also had a great Bible study tonite lead by Trey. He did a great job. Love ya Bron, boys and my girls.

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  1. Prayers for all of you on the team. We are keeping K busy with 50+ at the lock in/revival. God is amazing!!! Love and hugs.