Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 | Heath Cottrill

Today was Day 1 of work, and it did not fail to bring excitement along with it. The initial ride down to the work site was incredibly bumpy and remaining standup in the truck was difficult. Upon our arrival, it was a great blessing to see the little children rush towards the truck smiling from ear to ear in excitement. However, we had work to do. The day began with demolition of parts of the church along with shifting sand. Both jobs were incredibly draining, but they were just the start of our day. The journey home was the real challenge. While we had been working, it began to rain. This was the first rain in Haiti for weeks, and it poured! The Haitians desperately needed it, but it made our expedition nearly impossible. The bumpy road we had traveled on was mostly dirt with big rocks that drastically changed in size. The newly formed mud made the mountain nearly impossible to climb. We had to abandon ship several time and walk while the Haitians worked to get the truck up the slippery slope. The mud sticked to shoes causing multiple people to slick and fall. We eventually were able to contact Roger who brought a side by side to help us up the hill. Somehow, the Haitians were able to get the truck up the mountain, but we decide to ride in another truck brought by Roger in fear of our lives. In the original truck we repeated slid down hills and almost tipped over so we did not want to take our chances. After a 3 hour journey that should have taken 1 1/2 hours, we made it to the compound just in time for dinner which was delicious yet again. In conclusion, today was a day filled with many different emotions ranging from the extremes of fear and joy. Today was definitely a day I will never forget!!

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  1. Sounds very scary, I am glad you made it back to camp ok. I can't wait until you get home to hear all about it. I love you!