Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 | Mary White

Hello everyone! So glad I get to be a part of something great. The first day of work was great, yes it is over. Before our team left we got to have Bible study with the Haitian. They were so happy that we came to help their culture. How we got to our side was to get in a big truck and we had to stand all the way to our sight. Our team start the house. We packed all of the blocks from the road we had to thru a corn patch. There were some people that threw the blocks but there were some of us that didn’t. I got to shift sand not the fine sand the other for the cement that was a hard job in itself, however the most of the day I carry the block I carry two blocks at a time it was not that bad. The family that we were built the house for the family had two kids one was a 3 mouth old baby and a 4 year old girl. The family was staying in a small tent in there corn patch. The family house was burn down 3 months ago. But it was so sad when I had to tell a 7 year old boy no because he wanted my gloves and the same little boy helped shift sand. It was so sad because I couldn’t give them anything at all. Tonight for dinner we had pizza it was great also got to have pop in a bottle personal I think it is a lot better than the states I guess it is because it was in a glass bottle. Tonight I here wiper wills it reminds me a lot of home. To that’s nice to hear that in Haiti it so great that no matter where you are at there is always something to reminds you of home. Can’t wait for tomorrow at all to see what is in store for tomorrow. Love, Mary

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