Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 | Preston Allison

First day of actually working on the job sites, it was AMAZING!!! But a lot of work, we sifted sand and sifted sand and sifted more sand! Killed a tree with a rocks, moved cinder blocks, played with little Haitian kids, it made there day and mine! It took us 2 hours to drive in to the job site; it took us 3 1\2 hours to get out! Because it rained so hard! We almost died 8 times in the dump truck! I’m really excited for tomorrow, I’m back on the church site, and can’t wait to see my little helpers! Love, Preston


  1. Your post made my face and my heart smile. I am glad you are getting to share in God's work in Haiti. I am praying for you! Rt.5 will seem like a super highway when you get home. Love and hugs!

  2. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to your Day 3 update. Hugs and love.