Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 | Servando Arrendondo

Where to begin? Breakfast was pretty good, little too early for me though. The truck ride to the church was amazing! The scenery was absolutely beautiful. We got to see quit a bit of Haiti mainly because we were in top of a giant mountain. The ride down the second mountain was kind of scary. Some people will definitely be waking up with bruised ribs in the morning. Our arrival at the church was welcomed with by open arms and wide bright smiling faces. We immediately started working. My first duty was to shovel sand from one pile into a hand sifter, that would end up in another another pile, only to be scooped into another sifter and sifted into a 55 gallon barrel. After doing that for a couple hours, I went and joined a soccer game. Today’s game was definitely more intense than yesterday’s. The guys we played with were way more into it than we were. I’m not sure who actually won the game, but all I know is that I had a great time. After the game, I went back inside too dig up some dirt through the middle a building and break up some rocks. Once I had worked on that for a little while, I began to tear off some wall that was being held on by some rebar… At some point in the day we had lunch in a little room beside the church. I never would have thought that a peanut butter and jelly would have tasted so good. After lunch we got back to work, only to be greeted by rain. The air got cool and the rain felt great! The ride back was probably the most interesting event of the day. We made it about a quarter mile and almost went over a cliff… After that we got out to walk so that the driver could readjust the truck safely. The truck continued to get stuck forcing us to get out and walk. The hike was amazing though, and I’m actually glad that we got to walk. we eventually made it back to the camp, scarfed down dinner and enjoyed the evening.

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