Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 | Chase Oney

Well the ride to our house today was pretty fun a lot laughs! Once we got there we mt the family and they told us what had happened to there house. While they were at church one day it burnt so they have been living in tent for like 4 months. after that me and randy had to go back to the compound and get 80 pound bags of concrete 20 of them too so that started the day off. then we went back and packed cendar blocks and sifted sand all day pretty much. i got to do some mudding and laying blocks for awhile and that was pretty fun. We got a lot of the house done today so it will be done pretty quick tomorrow i would say.Then we came back and got cleaned up and went and got another great dinne rot finish of the day! I will be going to the church tomorrow to do VBS and ill be doing the game part so i am really excited for tomorrow!!

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