Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 | Madison Oney

I got hit with breakfast duty right off the bat which wasn’t fun. Bill told me i had to be out of the room and functional at 5:45.. I made it though. i was out before everyone. i knew it would take me a little longer to get woke up than them. I made like four dozen eggs and got raw egg all over everything i was wearing. Morning devotions with the haitians was good this morning. they were very responsive which i liked. after devotions, we loaded onto our dump truck and were spoiled with our short ride to our worksite. We were introduced to the family that we were building the house for. Their house had burnt down about three months ago and no one knew why. They have three kids, one of which was a newborn when all that happened. We soon began moving the huge pile of cinder blocks which seemed to be never ending. I did that for a while, but my main job was sifting sad, and i swear if i don’t have a six pack of abs and no love handles tomorrow, i’m gonna be very unhappy. Miranda and i sifted the entire pile with our translator Robertson. he is a character now. he loves to have his picture taken! we learned a lot from him and he really knows the Bible! he amazed me with the way he just blurted out these verses and could tell you the book and chapter that they were in. turns out he taught himself english with his brother right after the earthquake so that he could be more help with the americans coming over to help. one of the kids in the family was a little boy whose name was wesley. he was so sweet! i got out my phone to take some pictures and turned the front facing camera around and he thought that was so cool! we took some cute pictures! it broke my heart when he asked for water and we had to tell him no.. earlier today, i was telling marinada how much i wanted a piece of pizza. well, i have come to the conclusion that mary lou can read minds because she was carrying out two pans of pizza when we got back to the compound! my family has VBS tomorrow which is going to be interesting and hectic. but im excited to play with all the kids! thats my favorite. im with the early group tomorrow so im anxious to get to bed. I'm going to be very sore in the morning thats for sure. my hands are still shaking from carrying all the blocks today. I'm very homesick. i miss my boyfriend and the stout family very much, but I'm thoroughly enjoying time here already. each day has been a great day. Johnny stopped by too! i thought for sure we wouldn't get to see him because he was at the beach, but he came by and he's gonna be here a few days!it made my week! but continue to be in prayer for our safety and that kids will come to know Christ through VBS this week.

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