Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 3 | Heath Cottrill

Today was Day 2 of work. However, it was not near as exciting as yesterday. It was actually the polar opposite. Bill, Bryson, Jacobi, Allie, Servando, and I sifted sand for 7 hours. We were bored out of our minds so we had to make it interesting. We had to make songs about sifting sand. (You will have to wait and watch the video to see the songs.) After that, we got to work in the house for half an hour. We were placing a mixture on the walls to make it stronger. We also had to use a wood plank to make the wall smooth and level. One of our translators told me that a true American could not smooth the walls so I accepted the challenge. I actually did really well which was good and bad. They made me continue to smooth the walls for most of our 30 minutes, and they told me that I needed to stay in Haiti to work. After this, we started our journey home that was no where near as bad as yesterday. We returned safely to the compound to be meet with another wonderful meal! Today was incredibly boring, but it was good!

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  1. The video of your sifting songs was awesome!! I am glad you are having a good time!! I love you!