Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 3 | Chase Oney

Today was pretty sweet this morning instead of having to take the truck to the church i got to ride the big red there with jonny and randy andand another worker. i was little nervous at first to ride in side by side with jonny but he actually done a good job. When we were going oaths trail i was thinking i can't believe the bring a dump truck down this and was very thankful i was in that side by side! We got to the church and started working. Me and randy framed out the windows and then after that we made one of the main seems with dad and mickey and papaw. Once we got that done it was time for lunch. After lunch we started the VBS and that was pretty cool there was kids pouring in left and right we had right over 100 at the end. i was in charge of the games i was little nervous at first but it went good! i had them do limbo first and that went good they all wanted to go at the same time so that made it a little hard. Then i went to duck duck goose and that was a SUCESS fir sure the loved that. There was big kids coming in from everywhere and playing too. I played as well and they ran the guts of me i guess they thought it was fun to watch the fat white guy run cause they all died luaghing!! It was like this with every group too so i was exhausted at the end. I went to get water soon as we were done and we were out haha but it was great day overall it was a lot fun. Got to see God working in the VBS and all the people they were so thankful for what they got today!! We have church tomorrow at 6:30 and then i aint sure but im sure it will be great!

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