Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 3 | Miranda Riffle

Today I was part of the group that had to venture out to the church that is on the side of a mountain..and when we say its on the the side of the a mountain we are NOT exaggerating. Take a second to imagine standing in the back of a truck, holding on for dear life for an hour and a half, driving up hill on rocks, and then you will understand what we all of us are going through to get to this church. The amazing part though is that we still find time to laugh and joke regardless of how exhausted we are. When we arrived at the site a few of us got the opportunity to interact with a group of the children and it is just amazing how content all of these children are with the smallest things. Madison and I helped a few little girls blow bubbles, while teaching them the words ‘bubbles’ and ‘pop!’ and they all it took was us saying these two words back and forth with them to make them burst out in giggles. Today was the first day that I had really got to interact with any of the children and it was an awesome, yet sad experience. All of these children loved being around us so much, that when we had to stop playing to work they all jumped in to help us collect rocks..big rocks and would even take them out of our hands and take them to the church for us; keep in mind these children were anywhere from 2-8 years old and they felt the need to take the rocks out of OUR hands and carry them FOR us. This part of the day stuck out to me the most I think because it made it so clear how grateful they are that we are here even at such a young age—so grateful that they have absolutely nothing compared to what we have and they still insist on taking on the work that we specifically traveled all this way to do. Tomorrow we get to take the day off (thank goodness because I will be SORE) and go to their church service, everyone has had many positive things to say so I am excited to get to experience worshiping Christ the way that they do. Keep us in your thoughts, things have been great and successful so far :)

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  1. Hey there girl. ..just wanted to tell you I was there for the Skype session tonight! Good to see and hear you live! Stay safe! I'll be checking in on the other videos and your blogs for the rest of your journey. Love you! ♡