Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 3 | Jerri Oney

Well our group heard all about the “near death experience” from the other group yesterday and got to experience it for ourselves today! Ours wasn’t as bad because we didn’t have the rain and our driver didn’t get stuck - but our driver was a maniac!! Not really - I guess he was really a GOOD driver because he took that dump truck in places I wouldn’t have even called a road! And he took it in tight spots that I don’t think any of us breathed through. We were all white knuckled with cramped up hands after an hour and a half. I definitely prayed without ceasing and had quite an intimate relationship with Jesus when we were through. We got to play with the kids a lot today and there were a lot of them. Madison really has a heart for these kids and it blessed my heart to watch her interact with them. She read a book to them that she grew up listening to her Nanny read to her. It’s a special book to her. I wondered how Chase would do with the games but he dressed it! They were having a blast when I looked in on them. The kids were there all day with even more coming for VBS - we even had to turn some away which was really hard - especially for Shane. The VBS director, Darlene, did it though. She said we have to teach them that they had to be there on time and get a bracelet. If they missed it this week they could come next week. She said it was “tough love”. The sun was really hot today and I had a headband on - so . . . . I have a really awesome tan line. NOT! It was a great day and God is definitely working in all of us and through all of us. Church at 6:30 in the morning and then hopefully the hike if Johnny goes. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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