Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 3 | Preston Allison

Today was a lot better driving then yesterday, we made it up all the hills {HALEJAUH}. When we arrived to the job site, i helped Hambo put window frames in the church, then we carried 80 buckets of concrete to the church, it felt like 800,000. when the men were putting up the main beam in the church i got sometime to spend with the kids. I played soccer, was a jungle gym for a while, took pictures of all the little kids because they wanted to see them self, threw frisbee, and some of the kids there taught me hand shakes, and every time i messed up they called me a bad man. But all is well and it was a great second day! P.S. (MOM you need to life flight me more hand sanitizer i had to give all the little kids some because 1 of them got in to it!!! ) HAHA jk see you soon love you guys! xoxo Love, Preston


  1. I love you and miss you! So very proud of you! Praying you will be blessed and a blessing to others! xoxo MOM and Dad

  2. I am thrilled that you are able to minister to the Haitians. I am proud of you...I have been blessed to watch you grow from listening to children's sermons to sharing God's love to others. Hugs and love!