Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 3 | Madison Oney

I really wish that I could wake up as easy at 5:45 for something else as I do here. I don’t even hit my snooze. As soon as I hear it go off, I’m awake. I was the early crew this morning. We were outside waiting on the dump truck at 6:45. The truck didn’t show up until about 7:30, but we got to talk to everyone for a while so that was good. We got to endure the death trap of a ride to the worksite. It took an hour and a half, but it wasn’t near as bad as the group yesterday. We got taken right up to the church and didn’t have to walk any. I was scared for my life multiple times on the ride there. The roads are nonexistent going to the church. Many times I thought to myself, “There’s no way we’re making it down here,” but sure enough, we went down. Chase, my dad, randy, and mickey got the nice ride down in the side by sides which was rather comical when they passed us. They made it to the church long before the rest of us did, so a lot had already gotten started once we arrived. There wasn’t much for us younger guys to do so we decided to interact with the kids. I grabbed my book and an interpreter and read The Giving Tree to them and I think they really liked it! I had several kids around me. After that, we all got some soccer balls, Frisbees, and bubbles and they were in Heaven. Two little girls that were with Miranda and I loved the bubbles and were much better at it than we were! Their names were Linda and Debra, and they stayed with me the rest of the day. Linda would sit up on my lap, and she would sing, and she’d say “Bubbles!” and “Pop!” It was so sweet! Once we were finally asked to work, the kids followed us and did exactly what we did. Soon after, it was time for VBS! We were only supposed to have 100 kids but a few more sneaked in. I think I heard 103 were there. My job was to help Vicki with the crafts, and my that was something! There were three groups each having about thirty kids in it besides my dad’s.. I think he rigged his bracelets because his group had like 40! And they all tried to pile in the first two rows of chairs and had Vicki and I pinned up against the chalk board! Johnny was our interpreter so we had a good time. I think they really enjoyed the crafts. I didn’t hear of any salvations, but they had an open alter and an invitation. Everyone crashed as soon as we sat down when we got back to the compound. We had my favorite cake for desert after dinner: red velvet with chocolate icing. I still have more to say but I already have a novel so I’m going to cut it short. Continue to pray for our safety! I love and miss everyone! Hearts are being changed every day.

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