Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 4 | Chase Oney

This morning started with going to church at 6:30 it was pretty neat really there was so many people they jus kept coming in! It was hard to stay tuned in the whole time cause you have no clue what there talking about! Roger would kinda let me every now and then so i knew the topic but thats it. Then we came back and jus t got some stuff planned out for tomorrow plus our hike with jonny. We got to go down the hard trail which we were not supposed to do but we did and we fine though it wasn't has bad as they made it sound! It was a great hike got to see all of the water falls again so that was fun, and some how i got way better from the first time! The trip back about whipped everyone besides jonny and his little brother shocker. It was worth it though i really enjoyed seeing Gods creations! We got back and ate dinner and got rehydrated. We all got our showers and Me and Bryson finally got a warm shower so we were pretty excited about that! Then we to devotion at the little amphitheater and Bryson done great job sining and playing guitar as well as madison done telling her story. After that Bill finished up with a great message. While most were face timing with church a lot of came backhand started on crafts for tomorrow for VBS and that pretty much our day. All summed it was another great day in Haiti. God done wonders like normal and blessed with another great day again!!

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