Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 4 | Madison Oney

Another early morning today. Church was at 6:30 and went until about 9. We were all struggling to stay awake because one: we are exhausted and two: we couldn’t understand a word they were saying. We did have an interpreter though, but still. After church, most of us came back and crashed for a little bit before Johnny came to take us on the annual hike. I was under the assumption that we were taking the same trail we went on as two years ago: the “sissy trail,” but that was shown to be untrue. My mom turned back as soon as we started down. Bill told Johnny not to take us down that was because it was too dangerous, but we went anyway. I stayed right behind Johnny in the line so i got the best end of the deal. any time i went to fall or slide, (which was too many times to count) he would put his foot under mine to stop it or catch me. Heath and i were the first to make it to the bottom and we watched as the rest braved the rest of the way down. we literally slid the last 60 yards down because there was no way that one could have stable footing. We went up the waterfalls with ease (compared to two years ago) because my dad was the oldest person there, and we were all athletic, so it wasn’t really a problem. We went through three and stopped at the fourth like two years ago then took a different path back up the hill. I was in better shape than i thought, but it was still exhausting. I got my summer conditioning in for softball in one day! I am covered in cuts; they're literally everywhere. Poor miranda’s legs look like she had a bad acupuncture session from gnat bites, but we still had fun! After dinner, we had church out in the amphitheater by the playground, and Bill asked me to share about how Haiti changed my heart. I thought it went pretty well. I’m sure Eric has plenty video of it. I go to the house tomorrow and i haven’t been feeling well, so please pray that i get back to normal in the morning so that i can help all that i can. I get to do one more day of VBS Tuesday, so that’s exciting! Continue to pray for our safety and for BHM. I’m really starting to miss home. it’ll be a bittersweet leaving on thurday.

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