Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 4 | Randy Riffle

Day four is over. This day began early with church. Very different from what we are used to. We started at 6 30. The service was over 3 hrs long and people was coming in the whole time . we had a interpreter for a little while but it was very hard to stay focused with the language barrier. It was interesting to see how they run a service. After service we relaxed for a bit then went on a hike to the water falls that I have heard about from the group..It was very beautiful scenery and a was an experience that everyone should try.It still amazes me how beautiful this country is and how these people use every inch of it for something. Headed back to the church tomorrow for work and vbs..Miss everyone and I am really enjoying every minute of the experience . More smiles tomorrow , I guarantee it.

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