Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 5 | Bill Morlan

You can tell by the blogs that it was a long hard day. Everyone worked very hard and it was hot. The house went real well and we should finish tomorrow. To make the day even better for me, we had to sift sand again today. We used all of the gravel we had so they brought us another 4 tons at the end of the day. So tomorrow guess what I will be doing tomorrow. There may be some good commercials and songs coming your way. So stay tuned. Im sure that you have heard by now that there were 7 kids saved at VBS today. Brice said there were way over 100 kids today because some snuck in. They still had to turn away children and that is never easy. Tomorrow is going to be a great day as we finish the house but the work will be very hard. Some of the team is getting pretty run down and we can sure use your prayers. This is hard work, but they are doing a fantastic job. Pray for us for strength and health. Talk to you all tomorrow. Love ya bron, boys and my girls

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