Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 6 | Bryson Morlan

Today was a great day! We finished the house at about 2:40 and it was awesome. The Lord blessed us with a great day to work. It started off HOT and SUNNY, like everyone was putting on the sunscreen, but at about 10:30 the clouds came out and gave us shade while we SIFTED again. I played with a couple of kids today, one of them I didn’t get his name because it was very hard to understand him, but he was cool. Probably about 4 years old and he was attached to me and Randy. He was around us all day, hanging off of Randy while he worked. Randy and I played pass with the child. Literally, we passed the kid through the air back and forth to each other. He had a blast. Everything went great today and tomorrow we are dedicating the house to the family and celebrate their new home. I am excited to see the joy in the faces of the family. Love in Christ, Bryson

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