Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 6 | Chase Oney

Today was another great day 6 kids were saved at VBS it was awesome!! There were probably 75 kids there today which was okay cause we could work with them more have for individual time with them! Them kids are just so amazing they just make you so happy inside. You wouldn't believe how happy they get by just stopping and giving them a little bit of your time thats it. They dont need a brand new toy or the brand new game out all they need is for you to stop and play with them! I wish thats all we could do some times but we do have to work some so you have to tell them no every now and then which is not fun. Speaking of work me and dad and loyd finished up the metal supports today and the hurricane windows as well which was pretty fun. i have learned a lot on mason work so thats always good! I hate that today was our last day of work i really didn't think i was gonna miss working here that much but i am! I wish i could stay for the second week and work im really gonna miss everyone here but hopefully God willing we will be back in two years with more new people ready to serve God!! Please pray for the people that are still feeling bad there were some that felt better today so thanks for praying for us means a lot!!

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