Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 5 | Chase Oney

Today i went back to house i really like it there a lot and the workers! Today started of great i got to give wesley the boy that we are building the house for a soccer ball that papaw got for them and it was amazing! He was speechless really he just stood there in awe and just gave me chill bumps cause that could have been the only gift he has ever got or toy at that so it was just awesome!! Sorry to stay on this topic but we played a lot ball today if you can imagine. Well back to the house i got to do a lot in the house with the stucco and sand the stucco that got tiring. I got to interact a lot with workers and got to know them pretty well and like with them i had a lot fun doing that. Soon as i get service back i will be Facebook friends with a lot of them haha! We also done a bunch of sifting sand shocker i know and there is still a ton to do tomorrow. Im not for sure where im going yet but i don't care either way i will be tickled to death to go to either place. It was another great day and safe day in Haiti Praise God!! say prayer for everyone some people having been getting a little sick and feeling bad.

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