Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 5 | Madison Oney

Today wasn’t very eventful for me. I was starting to get sick last night, and didn’t sleep at all, so i felt ten times worse this morning, so with that being said, I stayed back at the compound all day today to get some rest. I think i was awake for a total of a half an hour this morning/afternoon. I had body aches and my skin was hurting like i was trying to get a fever, and every time i make a rapid movement, i get light-headed, so keep me in your prayers that i get back to 100% for tomorrow for our last day of work. I get the chance to do VBS again tomorrow, so that’s exciting. if i’m not feeling any better, maybe i’ll see if johnny can take me back to the compound after VBS. Seven got saved today, so that is definitely something to be rejoicing about! I led bible study this evening too. I spoke about humility, and how the point of these trips is not so much about getting the work done, but changing one’s heart and to humble. That’s about all i have since i didn’t get to do much today. Continue to pray for those that are feeling sick because there’s a bunch of us. Definitely missing home right now, but thoroughly enjoying the trip.

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