Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 5 | Trey Jack

Today was my first day at the house site. We put lots of stucco on the inside and outside of the house. The Hatians put the tin ruff on. The family had a 3 month old and Micky was holding her when i took a brake. He asked if i wanted to hold her (already knowing that the mother would leave her with me) and I said yes. I held her for about an hour and fed, burped, and put her asleep. One of the translator said I was the unlimited babysitter and the mother was happy she didn't have to do it (she was cooking food for the workers and her family). Tomorrow ill be working at the church and doing VBS in the morning and I’m ready/excited. I cant believe tomorrow is the last working day.


  1. Tomorows ur last work day...go out w a bang!.....& NO horses..or babies. When u go bartering u may wana pick machele up a bday gift. She pasted her drivers test too! Xo yo momma

  2. You guys have done an amazing job! Cannot wait to hear all the stories. I agree with your mom NO HORSE, but I will take all the babies you can bring back! What a great heart you have. Help Preston at the market, he is not much for "barging" shopping. You guys have a great day! I am so proud of your devotion to God! All my love and prayers. Preston's mom