Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 6 | Jacobi Cottrill

It’s really hard to believe that our week is coming to an end! Today was our last day of work and I got to help with VBS. six little girls were saved today. It is incredible to think that even with the language barrier at some stations; they still understand God’s love. Even after VBS is over, multiple kids stay to watch us work, to blow bubbles, or play soccer with whatever they can kick. The little girls are fascinated with our hair and are constantly playing with it because it is so different than theirs. My afternoon was spent playing with 5 or 6 little girls. After seeing the joy on their faces after something as simple as a handshake, it really puts into perspective how spoiled we are with all of the “stuff” we have and are constantly wanting. (Yes mom, I was one of the sick ones, but I’m better now! No worries, Eric gave me some good meds!)

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