Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 6 | Jerri Oney

Well there have been 13 kids added to the Kingdom as of today! That’s what it’s all about! They are so precious and fun to play with. It takes absolutely nothing to make them smile. Madison has really bonded with a little girl named Linda. She is a hoot! We came back home from the church in record speed because we were trying to beat the rain, but in the process we all got practically beat to death! Yes - we almost saw God today for real! (again). I am more bruised from the dump truck ride then anything else here. Thank you for praying for our sick ones - they all seem to be feeling better. Looking forward to dedicating the house tomorrow to that sweet family and meeting our adopted children, eating the mountain maid and going shopping. Sad it’s our last day here though. Praising God for this awesome opportunity once again. He is SO good!

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