Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7 | Bryson Morlan

Oh man what a week! God has blessed me with some AMAZING stories, memories, laughs, thoughts, and experiences. The work this week went great. We finished the house, the church is looking amazing, I’m excited to see the other group take over and finish it. I sweated like crazy, went through all my t-shirts but the one I’m wearing home. Ripped two pairs of gloves, broke two hammer, put holes in two sifters, and concreted my shoes. It was a great week of work. The family today during our dedication had already moved into their house last night because of their excitement. They are suppose to wait a couple of weeks for the cement to settle and from what I hear it is drips all sort of water from the celling and walls because it is settling. But they couldn’t wait, they have been without a house for 3 months, cramped in a tent with a 3 month old baby, a young child and 2 adults. I am very blessed to know that I was able to give them something that they couldn’t afford and was was nothing more than a 2 room shed (to us as Americans) and they call it their home. Talk about HUMBLE PIE! Oh man what a week. The people I have had the privilege in meeting and getting to know like Robertson and Jude are amazing people. Robertson is such a Godly man who LOVES the scriptures and relates almost every thing he says to the bible. It is amazing and inspiring the way he holds himself and how unashamed he is in speaking the scriptures. I taught him “ATTITUDE CHECK: PRAISE THE LORD!!!!” yesterday at work and “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!” and our whole group SHOUTED it from the truck today as we drove through the crowded street. The people may have not understood our words but they could tell our hearts because we yelled it proudly and it was obvious that it was about something important! I am glad I got to spend another week with these great hearts form Gassaway Baptist and Servando from my church. Everyone here has shared Christ over and over again each day and it was a blessing to be apart of God’s ministry with everyone. Also I am very blessed to spend another week serving the Lord with my dad. It is a great thing to have a Godly father here on earth that reflects my Heavenly Father so brilliantly. I am a very blessed son to have a father like mine who has taught me to serve the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength by not just word but with action. I hope someday I will be half as good as a father and youth pastor as him. God bless and keep up with the other group next week, I know I will.

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