Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7 | Randy Riffle

Last day in country. We had an amazing week. The house dedication was this morning and everyone went to present the house to the family along with the gifts. The family was very grateful and had already moved in. They had been staying in a tent since April and was pretty anxious to be in the new house. We had a pretty relaxing day and as we reflected on the week there was a lot of discussion about the work that was done and the memories that were made. We all had our hearts touched by these children. Im sure the peoples lives we touched here will be ingrained in there hearts and minds for along time but i do believe that our memories will last a lifetime. Its hard to explain this country and its people to someone who has never had the privilege to be here. We made friends and family that we will miss. One day i will return and hopefully get to see my Haitian friends again. Hopefully the next group will make more friends and more memories.. Hopefully i will get to be home Friday and see the ones i miss most and tell them of this experience.. P.S. Miss you bunches and bunches Jen.. See everyone in a few days..

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