Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7 | Chase Oney

Well today was great we started with a good morning worship with the whole group and all of the Haitians! After that we all loaded up and went to the house to the dedication. Which went awesome Randy started it off by praying for the house and the family. Then my dad done great job giving the sermon and reading some scriptures! Also the family gave a speech and thanked us so much and just ttaled about how thankful they were. We loaded back up and went back to the compound and some and the first timers went to the market but the rest of us stayed back to meet our kids. All of the kids showed and we all got to play with and give them our gifts which was awesome! We got to eat lunch at the Mt. maid and was really good and got some ice cream and that was a nice treat. Then comes the sad part getting packed up which was not great im really gonna miss this place and all of the great friends I have made and working with the group. I really hope in two years I will be back right here in this spot working for God and making memories with great friends! I hope everyone says a prayer for us for safe trip home as well as the group coming and there week ahead of them! Thank you all for have been keeping up with us and praying for it really means a lot!! Also please pray for Baptist Haiti Mission they really need it right now as well. This was my second trip to Haiti and they just keep getting better I want to thank and praise God for blessing me again and keeping me and the group safe!! Even though my group team “TEAM MOM’’ wasn’t hear with me Mark and Emerson they were greatly missed!!

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