Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7 | Heath Cottrill

Today was a really exciting day! It started off with a great morning worship service. It is awesome whenever we sing Amazing Grace together. Then, we went to the home dedication where Shane Oney presented a wonderful sermon on having God as the foundation for our lives and our relationship. Randy Riffle was the one who delivered the blessing on the house and its family. After that, we relaxed a little bit before the chaos began. We started by eating at Mountain Maid which was delicious. Bill and I shared a romantic moment as we “split” a banana split. Bartering was an experience. It started out a bit slow, but soon the rust fell off. Bryson, Brent, and I did a good job of getting the best price. My favorite part of the day was going to Simon’s big store. It was really cool to see how proud he was of his store, and how he believed in God to lead his business. The day ended with dinner and some fun and games at the inn.

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