Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7 | Madison Oney

Today was a very busy day! Morning devotions with the Haitians was the first thing on our agenda for today which was good as always. We sang amazing grace in creole and English like the other day and that was cool! The house dedication was a very sweet experience. You could really tell how thankful they were. I mean they were at a loss for words. My dad spoke and I gave the gifts which had quilts that my grandmother helped make and some toys for the kids and a few bibles. After that, those of us that have already been sponsoring or decided to take one on for the first time got to meet our kids today. Mine that I used to support moved or something, so they gave me another little girl and I got to meet her today. My gosh was she the sweetest little thing ever! Her name is Daylendie and she is four years old. She lives fairly close to the compound, so I really lucked out with getting the chance to meet her. She was so friendly! She didn’t talk much but she wasn’t bashful at all. She gave me a great big hug as soon as I got to her and she held my hand all the way down to the playground. Her dad wanted to leave really early which kinda irritated me, but oh well I guess. She gave me a kiss when she left too! After that, the group that went to the market got back and we all just kinda hung out. A bunch of us had a “jam session” with Robertson, Jude, and one of the interpreters from the child sponsorship office. The interpreter had such clear English that she didn’t even have an accent! She sounded American! And boy could that girl sing.. it was just a really cool afternoon. We had lunch at mountain maid, and then we didn’t my favorite thing, BARTERING! I’m not afraid to tell people “no,” so I got some pretty good deals today! I hope my Stout family is ready for their gifts! It’s days like today that make me not want to come home. When I wasn’t feeling well, oh yes, I was dying to be home, but when we have fellowship like we did today, you just don’t ever want it to end. I mean, just sitting around singing praises to God with people that live in a completely different country and speak a different language than you is something you just don’t get to do every day. I’ve made some lifelong friendships. Although we may never see each other ever again, we’ll remember these people for the rest of our lives. Trips like these are always worth any cost. Please pray for safe travels for those coming to Haiti tomorrow and those of us coming home. I’m excited to see everyone, but I hate to leave this place and these people. I will be back. I might even make it my home someday, who knows. It’s life-changing. Whether you spend an hour here or ten years, I promise you will not return the same.

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