Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7 | Jerri Oney

This was a really fun day full of activities. The house dedication was just like I thought it would be – emotional and intimate and humbling. The family was so appreciative. We all sang together, Randy led the prayer and my husband (yes Shane) had the message and I thought he did an awesome job! I was very proud of him! We game the family many gifts, including a mattress to sleep on and quilts that Linda Oney and her friends made. Madison met the little girl she has decided to sponsor and of course she was adorable. We got a lot of nice souviners from the local merchants and had COLD drinks for lunch – how nice that was! Had a good time just hanging out at the Ark playground with our interpreters singing some songs together. We have really enjoyed them. Chase has already made plans to send them some protein and work out with them next time we come. Thank God everyone is feeling better. Bill continues to remind me that he has a “heart condition” when he wants to and denies when he doesn’t. He has also realized what will happen if he takes 2 heart pills – that his blood pressure and heart rate will drop and he will have to lay on the floor and put his feet up and drink caffeine (Mt. Dew) to maintain normal vital signs. Need I say that he is all for that!! LOL!! Seriously he has been more than great! It’s the end of an absolutely wonderful week. I am more than proud of my kids, all of the kids here for how hard they have worked and interacted with everyone. It’s been great to be here with Randy and Miranda and Jack Friend has been a blast. I am SO blessed. Praying we will all bring some of this place home with us.

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