Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7 | Shane Oney

Today was another great day, we had the house dedication. It went awesome, the family seemed very thankful and the smiles were awesome. I really enjoyed the music, we all sang amazing grace together and it sounded really neat. After the house dedication we got to meet the child we are sponsoring and that was nice. Then we had lunch at Mountain Made, a cold coke was nice. We went out to do a little shopping in the streets, it is just something you need to do to completely understand lol. Then we went to one of the main shops a little way from the compound, that was the first time we have ever left the compound on foot, kinda felt a little nervous like we had done something wrong, white people walking on the streets lol. But all things said it was a great trip and I feel like we were able to do some good things for the people of Haiti.

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